Fight for Air

UPDATE: Finished stair climb in 22min. I wasn't running by any means, stopped a few times to hydrate, and made it to the top with a smile! Rewarded myself with a cold beer and banana at the peak :-)

I am always looking for something new to participate in that will push me and continue to motivate me in my healthy living venture. A few weeks ago I discovered American Lung Association's Fight For Air. This event involves climbing the San Francisco Bank of America building - all 52 flights of stairs (not that I'll be counting).

Once I signed up, the training begins. I head to the gym and hop up on that stair mill...that is when I met my match. It turned into a love/hate relationship, and I'll be able to tell tomorrow which it ended up being.

So, tomorrow morning, I attempt to Fight for Air....and I have a feeling I'll be doing exactly that. If you are interested in joining, please do so at: Visit Our Page