Change Should Not be Avoided

After more than a year of Lindsay having opened her studio on Taraval, its time to change some things around, starting with classes vs training.

Its no question that clients receive better instruction, more attention, and leave with a better workout when they workout with a personal trainer verses heading to the gym and taking a group exercise class, hiding in the back. With this being said, LifestyleFIT has discontinued the Group Exercise membership and instead has decided to stick with personal training. What does this mean for our members who love the group atmosphere...not much change besides a different structure.

We are keeping a few classes, but they will be hosted by the Instructors individually, and marketed at Small Group Personal Training. I will continue to teach my beloved Total Body class but it has moved to Wednesdays at 8am.  There will be alternate classes/teachers to sign-up with, so please continue to check the LifestyleFIT website as well.

If you are interested in my Wednesday morning class, or personal training in general, please email me. Feel free to purchase your training sessions online, to the left of the screen too!

Hope to see you all soon!